Prince Charles' former harpist appears in court

Tuesday October 20, 2009

Jemima Phillips, a former harpist appointed by the Prince of Wales, took part in a number of burglaries with her boyfriend while under duress, a court has heard.

The 28-year-old musician - who played at the wedding of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall - allegedly broke in to four homes in Gloucestershire in May of this year with her then boyfriend William Davies, 41. 

Two of those burglaries, which took place at night, occurred while the owners were at home.

Jemima told police she took part "under pressure and under threat" from William and another man.

She said they told her that with her royal connections it could get "embarrassing" for her if she did not co-operate. 

But prosecutor Martin Sheen said Jemima was a willing participant, who was battling a drug problem.

He also told the court that at the time of her arrest, the Royal College of Music graduate had been driving her car with items from the four robberies inside.

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  • Prince Charles' former harpist appears in court

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