Granddaughter 'just delicious' says new granny Lulu

Thursday January 21, 2010

She certainly doesn't look like one, and when she found out she was going to be a grandmother, Lulu said she didn't feel like one either.

But the 61-year-old is adapting to the role quite nicely after the arrival of her first grandchild, Isabella Rose, who was born on December 29 last year.

"I've only had my granddaughter for a couple of weeks and I love it. the singer says.

"She is just delicious."

"It's great to see my son Jordan as a dad and we're all in London so I can always see her."

"I'm gettting used to the granny title but it's not been long. I don't feel like an old granny. I'm as busy as ever and I'm full of enthusiasm and energy," she adds.

Photo: © Rex

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  • Granddaughter 'just delicious' says new granny Lulu

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