Eva Mendes reveals her love for glasses

Thursday March 21, 2013

Eva Mendes has said she wanted glasses so much as a child she used to stare at the sun to try and damage her eyesight.

The 38-year-old actress - who stars with her boyfriend Ryan Gosling in her latest film The Place Beyond The Pines - has just been signed up as the face of Vogue eyewear.

Eva revealed: "When I was little that I actually used to stare into the sun to damage my eyesight.

"My mom would catch me and be like, 'What are you doing?'

She continued: "I was obsessed with looking smart. I also went through a stage in junior high where I would wear non-prescription reading glasses and then I got called out one day, so I stopped that because I felt like a phony.

As of two years ago, I just started needing them. I love them. Wearing glasses adds an instant quirk and elegance."

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  • Eva Mendes reveals her love for glasses

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