hellomagazine.com introduces one-stop blogging destination

Thursday May 21, 2009

In case you hadn't noticed, over the last few weeks the community of hellomagazine.com bloggers has been rapidly growing.

Our health and beauty correspondent takes us behind scenes with her at some of the capital's biggest celebrity events, starry-eyed staffer Gemma shares all the excitement and joy of preparing for her wedding next year, and Twilight fan Kim is keeping us up to speed with all the latest snippets about the cult vampire film.

And now, to make keeping abreast of our bloggers' latest postings even easier, we've collected them together on one page.

So you'll have no problem checking out how Gemma's getting on picking the dress, dealing with the inlaws and negotiating the minefield of the seating plan, or catching up on Stacey and Barbara's latest thoughts on celebrity headlines.  

And while you're browsing the goodies on offer, be sure to drop by A byte to savour, the recipe-packed musings of our culinary correspondent and kitchen whiz William Leigh

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  • hellomagazine.com introduces one-stop blogging destination

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