Sir Richard Branson on his history with the 'Dice Man' books

Tuesday May 21, 2013

Business tycoon Sir Richard Branson has told how he was heavily influenced by the Dice Man books - which encouraged readers to hand over decisions to the throw of a dice.

The billionaire said that the cult books, by Luke Rhinehart, influenced his decision-making in the early days of his Virgin Records label.

In an interview in the Radio Times, he told broadcaster Danny Baker how he used the books when he went to see the group Wigwam before releasing their LP.

"At the time I was very much under the influence of the Dice Man books

“It's where you compile lists of actions and, after throwing the dice, have to adhere to whatever number you've placed by that particular instruction", he said.

"So. I went to Finland and... I had made this list of things to do and threw the dice, which told me that for all that day I had to scream loudly on the hour every hour for twelve hours."

Asked whether he really carried out the task, he replied: "Oh yes, you have to see it through.

"So there I am at the Wigwam gig and the band are playing not the loudest song in their set and I can see the hour coming up, thinking, you know, oh, please finish the song so my shriek can be lost in the applause."

Asked if the crowd managed to drown out his screams, he admitted: "Not a hope. I had to just bellow it out. Dreadful for everyone, really... I had to do it again during their encore."

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