Simon Cowell: Cheryl looked 'bewildered' on 'X Factor'

Wednesday September 21, 2011

Cheryl Cole looked "bewildered" on the US X Factor judging panel, Simon Cowell has said.

He made the comment when asked by Piers Morgan on his CNN show why Cheryl was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger.

Simon replied by saying that someone at a screening of the X Factor footage "put it very well" when they said the star "looked a bit bewildered" in her new role.

He told him: "Not everyone's like you Piers.

"You come to a country like America, it's a big deal.

"It takes a while to adjust and I took the view along with a few other people that she would be more comfortable back in the UK."

The interview came as it was reported that Cheryl had turned down an offer to be a judge on Simon's other show, Britain's Got Talent, following the departure of Michael McIntyre.

Talking about how Cheryl had rejected his offer to return to the British X Factor, Simon said:

"I think if she had taken the UK gig nobody would be feeling bad right now because they're both big shows - well hopefully this one will be as big as the UK show."

But he said he was responsible for making the decision.

"That's what you have to do when you produce - you have to make decisions in the moment, and I take full responsibility for it," he said.

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