Justin Bieber misses his mum while on tour

Friday September 21, 2012

Justin Bieber has admitted on national television that he misses his mother.

The teen sensation,18, left his mother, Patti Malette, behind for his latest tour while she was writing her memoir.

Speaking on ITV's Daybreak, the singer said: ""I do miss her yeah, I mean especially now being 18 and you know before when I was around her all the time, like every day, I was getting sick of her and I would look forward to her leaving, like 'Yes mom's leaving tomorrow!'

"Now I'm like, 'When is mom coming back?' because I don't see her that often so you know it's funny how those things change."

Despite his homesickness, the singer feels at home with his extensive fan base.

"I never get fed up with it, I mean I've been so blessed to just, you know, so many people just wish to have the fan base that I have so no, I don't regret anything."  

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  • Justin Bieber misses his mum while on tour

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