Wedding joy for Kate Silverton and her 'natural gent'

Tuesday December 21, 2010

The weekend's flurry didn't deter BBC news reader Kate Silverton from enjoying her wedding.

Guests gaily tramped through the London snow to join her and her groom, Mike Heron, a former Royal Marine.

Fittingly for the 40-year-old journalist, the service took place at St Bride's Church in Fleet Street.

The happy couple met five years ago when Mike, 43, was running a course for reporters operating in hostile environments.

Just before marrying, Kate shared the pain of her four failed IVF attempts.

But said that the process had shown her the "importance of cracking on and enjoying what we do have".

And what she has is a new husband, whom she has praised as "self-contained, kind, funny and a natural gentleman".

A man that she fell in love with for his "strength of character, his intelligence and the moral values we share".

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  • Wedding joy for Kate Silverton and her 'natural gent'

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