Brittany Murphy's husband: 'Hollywood broke her heart'

Friday January 22, 2010

Simon Monjack – the British husband of Brittany Murphy - has appeared with her mother on US TV to discuss the tragic death of his wife.

The London-born screenwriter and Sharon Murphy answered questions on the Today Show, and reiterated that Brittany did not take drugs nor did she suffer an eating disorder.

"Let's set the record straight once and for all – Brittany was not taking any medication for her mood, for anorexia," Simon said.

"It is utterly ridiculous that these rumours have perpetuated."

He added that for health reasons, most of the prescription drugs found in the couple's home on December 20, when the actress died, were his.

And that it was a "physical impossibility" Brittany, 32, had an addiction to drugs because of a heart condition she had.

As for her relationship with food, he said: "You just need to go to her favourite restaurant… and speak to any waiter who would tell you she would happily order four plates of food and eat them," he said.

Simon also had some strong words for Hollywood.

He said the offer for his wife to resume her role in Happy Feet 2 was taken back based on rumours she had lost another job, which broke the actress' heart.

"They have blood on their hands, and I hope they wash them with very hot water because of the way they treated Brittany Murphy when she was alive," he said.

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  • Brittany Murphy's husband: 'Hollywood broke her heart'

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