Madonna's staff still looking after Mercy

Wednesday April 22, 2009

Three weeks after Madonna's bid to adopt Mercy James was rejected by a Malawian court the four-year-old is still being cared for by the singer. The queen of pop had a nanny and a nurse stay behind to look after the little girl.  

Rather than being returned to the orphanage where she lived following her mum's death, Mercy is still at the Kumbali Lodge where Madonna stayed earlier this month.  

She will stay there until the outcome of the May 4 appeal against the decision is revealed, confirmed the orphanage's director.  

"As Mercy's legal guardian, I authorise where she goes," said Anne Chikhwaza. "She is staying with Madonna's people as a visitor. There is nothing wrong with that"

Photo: Reuters

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  • Madonna's staff still looking after Mercy

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