John Galliano faces 'public insult' charges in Paris court

Wednesday June 22, 2011

Highly acclaimed fashion designer John Galliano appeared in court on Wednesday afternoon following two incidents of verbal abuse in Paris earlier this year.

John was fired from elite fashion house Dior and spent time in a rehabilitation centre after his February arrest.

He admitted long term addictions to both prescription drugs and alcohol.

After his alleged racial slandering of a couple, another woman has come forward with a similar incident which took place in October 2010.

During both events, which happened in a restaurant near his home, the designer was suspected to have been under the influence. His lawyer has claimed that John does not remember the incidents.

He has received legal complaints from the three people involved and from several anti-racial associations.

If convicted, John could face up to six months in prison and £22,500 in fines.

The famed fashion legend's colossal career with Christian Dior

Photo: © Rex

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  • John Galliano faces 'public insult' charges in Paris court

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