'Still best friends': Kelly Osbourne on Luke Worrall

Thursday July 22, 2010

Despite their recent break-up based on infidelity rumours, Kelly Osbourne has told her Twitter followers that she and former fiancé Luke Worrall are “still best friends, just not dating”.

Remaining positive through the ordeal, Kelly has shown her strength and courage by coming to her ex’s defence based on negative comments posted by others.

"Please stop bashing Luke I don’t hate him so why should you?” tweets the actress.

Affirming that she kept up her side of the bargain in the relationship, the 25-year-old explains that no amount of “male stupidity” will change that. She adds that badmouthing Luke will not help anyone in the situation.

Looking toward the future Ozzy's daughter tells her fans that she is ready to “move onwards and upwards.”

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  • 'Still best friends': Kelly Osbourne on Luke Worrall

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