Stephen Gately and mum reconciled before death

Thursday October 22, 2009

Boyzone singer Stephen Gately ended a 10-year rift with his mother just two weeks before his death in Majorca, it's been revealed.

In an interview with Reveal magazine, Stephen admitted that he flew to Dublin and told her: "I was wrong and I should never have let it get that far".

The falling out was apparently caused by a tabloid interview his mother gave on the day he came out to tell fans he was gay. 

Stephen went on to say that the argument had started over "the silliest thing" and that it was his brother that ultimately convinced him to make peace. 

He said: "There were tears and I told her I loved her very much and I'd always be there for her".

Photo: © Rex

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  • Stephen Gately and mum reconciled before death

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