Anne Hathaway spoofs Kate Middleton in US sketch

Monday November 22, 2010

With her long lustrous hair and radiant smile, Anne Hathaway was the double of Kate Middleton.

But as the similarities to real life ended there as the actress played William's bride-to-be in a hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch.

Anne's Kate was soon recoiling in shock as the Queen and Prince Phillip turned on her the minute Wills – played by Andy Samberg - was out of the room.

They make fun of the unsuspecting royal fiancée and accused her of wanting "a piece of the palace action".

The Duke of Edinburgh tells her: "When it comes to being a wife, when you're out there waving to a parade, you be Princess Di, you be Princess Grace. But in the bedroom think Fergie."

After telling her to "shut up", the Queen, putting on a cockney accent, says: "When it comes to stuff at the palace, don't be asking questions like 'Where did you get this vase?' or 'Where's that throne from?'."

"Cos chances are we nicked it," chips in Prince Philip.

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  • Anne Hathaway spoofs Kate Middleton in US sketch

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