Lee Mead: 'I'll hold Denise Van Outen's hand at birth'

Tuesday March 23, 2010

As West End star Lee Mead and presenter Denise Van Outen prepare to become parents for the first time, devoted husband Lee has revealed he plans to support his wife every step of the way.

"I 100 per cent want to be with Denise when she goes into labour so I’ll jump into a car to be with her. Whatever happens, I’ll be holding her hand,' he told a UK magazine.

The actor and singer is beginning a new stage stint as Flyero in Wicked in May - around the same time that the couple's baby daughter is due to arrive.

"I want to be a hands-on dad,' he continues. "I’ll be changing the nappies and supporting Denise in any way I can."

"I already babysit some of my friends’ kids, so that’s helped a bit. Nothing can prepare you for becoming a parent yourself though. It’ll all kick off!"

Lee and Denise - who met during reality show Any Dream Will Do in 2007, tied the knot in the Seychelles last year.

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  • Lee Mead: 'I'll hold Denise Van Outen's hand at birth'

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