Patsy Palmer renews her vows in the Caribbean

Monday April 23, 2012

Eastenders star Patsy Palmer has finally had the white wedding she had always dreamed off, 12 years after originally tying the knot with husband Richard Merkell.

The couple, who married in 2000, decided to renew their commitment to each other in the Caribbean after originally marrying in a hurry when their 11-year-old son Fenton was born prematurely.

"When I married Richard, everything was such a rush," Patsy tells HELLO!

"I'd just given birth to Fenton prematurely at 32 weeks and he had to stay in hospital. We went to register Fenton's birth at Chelsea Register Office and out of all the gloom and worry we wanted to do something really lovely and get married.

Last week she and and taxi driver Richard decided to get remarried in a more traditional way to show their children how much the commitment means to them.

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Photo: © HELLO!

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