Denise Welch's dog attacked by wild fox

Thursday May 23, 2013

Denise Welch's dog has apparently been viciously attacked by a stray fox.

The Loose Women star tweeted: "My gorgeous dog Pip has been viciously attacked in our kitchen by a... fox. She is going to be fine and the horrid fox is no more."

The fox had got into her house and attacked her bulldog, Pip, leaving her foaming at the mouth and struggling to breathe, reported The Daily Mirror.

Pip, eight, was taken to the vet to be checked over for any lasting injuries.

Denise called out a vermin control company who reportedly shot the fox at her £2 million south London home.

She told the newspaper: "Louis [her 12-year-old son] saw the fox through the window just sitting there in the kitchen. He screamed and the fox hid behind the fridge.

"Poor Pip had been locked in the house all morning with the fox and the pair must have had a massive barney. When I found Pip she was lying on her side, foaming at the mouth and barely breathing. She was a complete mess."

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  • Denise Welch's dog attacked by wild fox

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