'I don't mind controversy,' says Charles on Welsh tour

Tuesday June 23, 2009

He's ruffled some feathers recently with his views on architecture, but Prince Charles said this week he doesn't mind causing a stir when speaking about the subject, especially when he's championing sustainable buildings and traditional techniques.

"I don't mind if it causes controversy if that has to be the way of getting the point across," the heir to the throne told a BBC reporter on the first day of his annual tour of Wales. "We need to work more with nature." 

For the duration of the trip, Charles and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall will be staying in their West Wales retreat Llwynywermod, which was refurbished largely using sustainable materials and traditional methods.

The Prince said having the estate, which was completed last year, made a huge difference to his annual trip to Wales.

"It does help a lot," said the 61-year-old royal. "(It's) marvellous. We can give dinners and receptions and I can hold meetings."

The couple welcomed their neighbours to the property on the evening of the first day of their stay.

Photo: © Rex

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  • 'I don't mind controversy,' says Charles on Welsh tour

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