Steven Gerrard admits 'three punches' in nightclub court case

Thursday July 23, 2009

Footballer Steven Gerrard has admitted throwing three punches during a row with a man over music in a nightclub, but said only one connected, a court has heard.

In police interviews with the sports star read to a jury in Liverpool's Crown Court, the midfielder told how he had responded in self defence, believing he was about to be attacked.

The incident took place at the Lounge Inn in Southport. He'd been there celebrating a Liverpool win with friends during the early hours of December 29. 

According to Steve, he was given permission by the manageress to change tracks on the bar's stereo. 

The argument broke out between him and another man, Marcus McGee, who wouldn't let him.

In his evidence, the England captain also said that on a scale of 1 to ten, with 1 being sober he was a seven.

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  • Steven Gerrard admits 'three punches' in nightclub court case

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