King of pop's night of fancy dress in Florida

Thursday July 23, 2009

When Florida-based fancy dress shop owner Sue Goldsmith got a phone call from an estate agent pal asking if he could bring Michael Jackson to dinner, she thought he was pulling her leg.

But her friend wasn't joking. He'd been showing the king of pop around properties in the sunshine city, and invited his client to dinner. Michael had accepted, on the condition they avoid public places.

"It was the most surreal evening I've ever experienced, we still laugh about it," Sue tells the Daily Mirror of the evening, which happened in December 2002.

She asked her friend what to cook for the singer, who was travelling with his children Prince, then five, and Paris, aged four. "He told me that Michael wanted KFC and Domino's Pizza," she recalled.

After dinner, the group moved outside to watch the sunset, and it was at this point Sue and her husband asked if Michael and his children wanted to try on some fancy dress costumes.

"They excitedly said yes, Prince wanted to be a superhero and Paris wanted to be Spiderman" says Sue. "Then Michael said, 'I want to be King'. We couldn't believe this was happening, the King of Pop wanting to dress up like a king."

She continues: "Michael helped the children put their costumes on and I helped him with his regal gown. They loved it. I got the sense Michael loved to dress up and really played the part."

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  • King of pop's night of fancy dress in Florida

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