Water skiing naked may put Enrique in hot water

Friday July 23, 2010

Making good on his word has just become a bit trickier for singer Enrique Iglesias.

Earlier vowing to water ski naked in Miami if Spain won the World Cup, the crooner told reporters “a bet is a bet!”

Doing so, however, may land the 35-year-old heart-throb in trouble with the law.

A spokesperson for the Miami Police Department announced this week that waterskiing in the buff is considered “lewd conduct” and is therefore illegal.

"We will arrest (him) ... if he exhibits himself in an indecent way and someone sees him," police said this week.

The announcement is sure to disappoint fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the singer wearing nothing but his smile.

Even if he does go through with the stunt, Enrique told television viewers that he would probably do it very late on a moonless night. “Look at my legs. I've got chicken legs,” he said.

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  • Water skiing naked may put Enrique in hot water

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