Details of Princess Victoria's prenup revealed

Friday July 23, 2010

Just days before they became man and wife in a fairytale wedding on June 19, Sweden's Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel had a more mundane task to deal with.

The couple signed a contract in which the former gym owner would be entitled to half of their jointly purchased household possessions in the event of a divorce, it has been revealed.

This is known in legal terms as a separation of property - meaning that heirlooms and wealth associated with Victoria's position would be protected.

The statement was signed by Victoria and Daniel, as well as a court auditor and court secretary at Stockholm Palace.

According to family law lawyer Magnus Brogren this is a fairly common type of agreement.

"It may be that he has an agreement to get an allowance from the court, one that has not been made public," he is quoted as saying in the Swedish media.

"I hope that Daniel has advisers who have explained all this to him."

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  • Details of Princess Victoria's prenup revealed

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