Anne Hathaway: 'I've never met anyone like Jim'

Tuesday August 23, 2011

Anne Hathaway has revealed she is one of Jim Sturgess' biggest fans after working with him.

The Devil Wears Prada star and the 30-year-old British actor feature in One Day, the film adaptation of David Nicholls' hit novel.

Anne told The Independent she was sceptical about all the good things she had heard about Jim until they met.

She said: "It's very funny. I don't usually hear a lot of gossip about people. You'll hear the odd bad story.

"But with Jim, everyone just gasps when you say his name and grabs you and looks deep into your eyes and goes, 'He's the greatest guy in the world!' And you think, 'OK, they're a little nuts!'

"But then you meet him, and you become one of those grabbing, eye-popping acolytes! I've never really met anyone quite like him. He's a real light in the world."

The film is set on the same day every year for 20 years and Jim revealed he understood the changes in emotion that are shown in the two characters throughout the course of the film.

Jim - who was recently featured as one of HELLO!'s Hollywood newest hunks - said: "I could relate to certain parts, where you don't quite know what you're doing in life, or who your friends are.

"These are just normal things that everyone feels.

"You're out there on your own. There are times when I feel incredibly loved and connected and times when I feel alone. I think that's natural for all of us."

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