Tom Cruise surprises diners at curry restaurant

Thursday August 23, 2012

Tom Cruise surprised staff and diners when he arrived for dinner at a curry restaurant in St Albans.

The Mission Impossible star was joined by an eight-strong entourage, one of whom is thought to have been his eldest daughter Isabella.

Ashish Srivasdava, a waiter at Veer Dhara, said: "I was shaking I was so nervous."

He added: "When I greeted him I was smiling and so was he and that's when I realised it was him. I regret not asking for a photo or autograph now but at the time it wasn't professional."

Tom and his party ordered a selection of fish and chicken including lobsters, chicken tikka masalas, and lamb, which he asked to be spicy.

The actor tried to settle the £220.85 bill on his Amex credit card, but when told the restaurant didn't accept them, another member of the party paid by cash, leaving a £79.50 tip.

Tom is currently in Hertfordshire filming his latest movie, All You Need Is Kill.

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  • Tom Cruise surprises diners at curry restaurant

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