Colin Firth 'can't remember' Oscar win

Friday September 23, 2011

In February this year, Colin Firth scooped up the most prestigious award in the acting world.

The Oscar for Best Male Actor was awarded to him after his excellent portrayal of stuttering monarch King George VI in The King's Speech.

But Colin now says that he can't remember his most famous night. 

"No, that's what's completely extraordinary but I think when major things happen to us, whether good or bad, there's a slight shock," he says. 

"It has a slightly numbing effect."

Although, his memory of the event may be a little blurry he has said that since winning the award he feels it has given him more freedom.

"In terms of one's attitude to it, you can either see it as pressure to live up to something or as taking the pressure off and going, 'Well, I've got that now. I'll do whatever the hell I please'.

"And that's a far more pleasant way to see it," he said.


Photo: © Rex Features

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