'Scentsational prank': David Beckham goes undercover

Friday September 23, 2011

Up until now he's been known as an ace sportsman and the beautiful face and body of various ad campaigns.

But David Beckham could soon build a reputation as a TV prankster to rival Ashton Kutcher.

He posted this hilarious clip of himself pretending to be a perfume salesman for Ellen DeGeneres' chat show to promote his new fragrance Homme.

Dressed in a uniform of red T-shirt and slacks, with a nametag on and his face obscured by a cap, David posed as an employee of US high street store Target.

Prompted by Ellen, speaking to him through a hidden earpiece, the footie ace goes through a bizarre sales routine that involves spraying the scent on his leg.

The Galaxy midfielder is seen telling customers: "It smells better on my leg" and encouraging them to have a sniff.

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  • 'Scentsational prank': David Beckham goes undercover

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