Keith and Mick have 'patched it up' after spat

Wednesday November 23, 2011

Keith Richards has revealed that he and Mick Jagger have made up since their spat earlier this year.

The pair of Rolling Stones fell out over stories about Mick that Keith published in his autobiography, Life.

Mick was described as "unbearable" in the memoir.

But Keith later said: "He's a brother, a best friend, and probably the most contentious person I know. All collaborations are like that. Nothing goes totally smoothly, but we always patch it up.

"We patched it up now. The thing is we enjoy working with each other; it's the idea of it that's frightening."

The band is rereleasing its seminal 1978 album Some Girls with some previously unreleased material, and Keith revealed the song Before They Make Me Run has become his favourite song to perform.

"It's pretty autobiographical... I was feeling a little hounded, so I think it came out of feeling that. I was on the run, basically.

"Very few countries would accept me at the time," said Keith, who was facing a potentially long prison sentence at that moment because of a heroin possession charge in Toronto. 

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  • Keith and Mick have 'patched it up' after spat

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