'Vocal surgery rocks,' says Bjork after op

Friday November 23, 2012

Singer Bjork has undergone successful surgery to remove a polyp from her vocal chords.

The artist, who has been treated for the same problem as singing sensation Adele, discovered that she had the polyp four years ago, and attempted to control it with diet and exercise.

However, when it led to her cancelling performances of songs from her concept album, Biophillia, in April, the Icelandic star decided to go under the knife.

Speaking about the surgery, the 47-year-old said: "I have to say, in my case anyway: vocal surgery rocks!"

"I stayed quiet for three weeks and then started singing and definitely feel like my cords are as good as pre-nodule," the singer continued.

"It's been very satisfying to sing all them clear notes again."

The singer added: "I'm sorry I had to cancel stuff earlier in the year - didn't want to talk about this until I knew for sure if it would work."

Eager to get back to work, the It's All So Quiet singer added: "So looking forward to singing for you in 2013."

Image: © Getty

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  • 'Vocal surgery rocks,' says Bjork after op

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