Lindsay Lohan will face jail if she accepts plea deal

Thursday February 24, 2011

Lindsay Lohan has been told she will face jail time if she decides to accept a plea deal in her jewellery theft case.

The troubled actress appeared in court on Wednesday for a hearing on a felony charge alleging she stole a $2,500 necklace from a store last month.

She was charged on February 9 with grand theft and is currently free on $40,000 bail.

Before appearing in front of judge Keith L Schwartz, Lindsay's lawyer discussed a possible plea bargain with prosecutors.

But the 24-year-old has been told that she will spend time in prison if she accepts.

She has until March 10 to decide whether to go to jail, or go to trial and possibly face a more severe sentence.

Addressing Lindsay on the outcome should she choose to avoid a trial, Judge Schwartz said: "I'm just going to tell you a couple of things that if the case settles in court will happen.

"This case does involve jail time. Period. If this case is resolved in front of me – you are going to jail.

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