Emma Bunton tries her hand at jewellery design

Wednesday March 24, 2010

She's already achieved success as pop singer, mother and Dancing on Ice judge, and now, Emma Bunton is adding to her portfolio once again.

Inspired by former bandmate Victoria Beckham - whose dresses are worn by stars across the globe - mum-of-one Emma has revealed she is thinking about designing jewellery and a new clothing range for children.

“I am so, so proud of Victoria. She has always been so into fashion. I think she’s pushed boundaries by going from music to designing. I love her stuff! In fact, I’ve been very lucky as she’s sent me a few bits," she tells a UK magazine.

“It’s been lovely to get some of her dresses because they are beautiful - you do feel so sexy in them. They’re gorgeous.

“I’d love to do more design. I’ve been designing some bits of jewellery that I’ve worn on Dancing On Ice. I’d love to do a kids’ line. My friend and I get together and I kind of say what I want, then she makes it up. It’s been great."

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  • Emma Bunton tries her hand at jewellery design

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