Tom Bower plans second Simon Cowell biography

Tuesday April 24, 2012

Writer Tom Bower is planning a sequel to his revealing biography of Simon Cowell - and he said the X Factor boss has already agreed to talk to him.

Tom's unauthorised book was assembled from hundreds of hours of conversations with the media mogul.

The journalist said Simon had conceded some of the revelations were "embarrassing," but they "remain friends".

He told ITV1's This Morning: "The first call was 'you are getting a lot of publicity for your book'. He said 'it's a bit embarrassing, you got things I didn't know you'd got'.

"But we get on very well. Finally he said to me last night, 'we remain friends'."

When asked if there would be enough material for a second book, Tom replied: "Oh yes, there will be a sequel."

When pressed whether Simon would speak to him for the follow-up, the author said: "I think he will. He said last night that he will."

Photo: © Rex

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  • Tom Bower plans second Simon Cowell biography

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