Meryl Streep believed she was too ugly to act

Thursday April 24, 2014

The three-time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep once thought she was too ugly to act.
Speaking at Indiana University Bloomington as she received an honorary degree, Meryl said: "I was always in plays, but I thought it was vain to be an actress. Plus, I thought I was too ugly to be an actress. Glasses weren't fabulous then."
Meryl was awarded her degree "for her extraordinary talents, her highly visible place in the arts and her role as a powerful advocate for women."
The 64-year-old actress also had wise words for budding actors who are also worried about their looks.
"For young men, and women, too, what makes you different or weird, that's your strength … I used to hate my nose. Now I don't. It's OK," she said.

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  • Meryl Streep believed she was too ugly to act

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