We should judge 'X Factor' says Jedward

Tuesday May 24, 2011

Jedward reckon they deserve a place on The X Factor judging panel.

The Grimes twins - who have reportedly made millions since appearing in the sixth series of the hit talent show - are convinced they would be ideal candidates for the job.

"I think a really good judge would be me and Edward. Because we know something cool when we see it," John revealed.

Edward said the series would be "totally different" without Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue as judges.

"It's so good Louis (Walsh) is there as the original," he added.

And the Lipstick singers - who are currently promoting the Double Stuff Oreo Lick Race to help raise money for children's charity KidsOut - insisted they weren't disappointed after failing to clinch the Eurovision Song Contest crown for Ireland.

"We've had such a huge impact and it's all because of Eurovision," John said.

"With X Factor that was really, really cool because everyone in the UK and everyone in Ireland saw us in our first audition. Everyone around Europe saw us on Eurovision, and now we have fans all over Europe."

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  • We should judge 'X Factor' says Jedward

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