Singing Wimbledon fans spur their 'amore' Andy Murray to victory

Wednesday June 24, 2009

Hundreds of tennis fans provided an extra boost for Scottish ace Andy Murray during a difficult first-round Wimbledon match this week, spurring him to victory with a comedy ditty to the tune of Dean Martin's That's Amore.

"When his first serve goes in then we know that he'll win, that's our Murray," sang spectators who were queuing up to get into Centre Court. "And he's British you see, just like you, just like me, that's our Murray!"

As temperatures rose to 92 degrees at sunny Centre Court on Tuesday, 15,000 fans watched the sportsman power through his first-round match, coming back to victory after losing the second set to California's Robert Kendrick. The American jokingly belly flopped onto the grass in exhaustion after bowing out.

"It was a difficult match, but staying calm was all part of winning it," said 22-year-old Andy - one of only two Britons left in the prestigious competition.

Photo: © Getty Images

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  • Singing Wimbledon fans spur their 'amore' Andy Murray to victory

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