Workman's daughter Tessy made princess of Luxembourg

Wednesday June 24, 2009

Her remarkable journey from a humble background as the daughter of a tiler to becoming princess of a European realm is the stuff of fairytales.  

Prince Louis of Luxembourg's young wife, now styled Princess Tessy by permission of her father-in-law, Grand Duke Henri, marked her new title by joining her royal relatives at the country's annual National Day celebrations.  

Tessy, a former soldier, met her royal beau while she was serving as driver in the armed forces.

The couple welcomed their first child in March 2006 when they were both 19, before going on to marry later that year. On tying the knot, Louis, Henri's third son, gave up his claim to the throne.

Pretty in a lime-green ensemble, the new princess joined her dashing husband (left) and key members of the royal family at a service to mark National Day in Notre Dame Cathedral. 

The line-up of royals included Grand Duke Henri and his wife Maria Theresa along with their three other sons, the heir to the dukedom, 27-year-old Guillaume, Prince Felix, 24, and Prince Sebastien, 17.

Their only daughter, 18-year-old Princess Alexandra was absent from the celebrations, however, as she is currently taking university exams.

Photo: © Getty Images

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  • Workman's daughter Tessy made princess of Luxembourg

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