Hairy Bikers slim down for Paul Smith suits

Tuesday July 24, 2012

Hairy Bikers Dave Myers and Si King have decided to ditch the pies in a bid to become healthier and fit into a Paul Smith suit.

In their latest BBC2 TV series: How to Love Food and Lose Weight the pair embark on a health kick that aims to tackle their high-blood pressue and high cholesterol, for which they were both on medication.

The chefs were spurred on after meeting British designer Paul Smith in a hotel bar who told them he does not make clothes for "fat blokes". 

Dave revealed: "He was a lovely fella. I said, 'I love your clothes Paul. Why don't you do them in bigger sizes?' He said, 'I don't do clothes for fat blokes.' Except he didn't say 'blokes'".

Dave continued "I've got your cologne and your cufflinks.' He said, 'Well, you'll be fine with my socks and ties then, mate.' So when Si and I decided to diet, that was my target - get into a Paul Smith suit."

Whilst the bearded pair won't be giving up their favourite foods forever, they have now shed pounds and inches after adopting a balanced diet and taking up exercise.

Si said: "We are not going to stop drinking beer and eating pies. That's not where this is at. The reality is that we were overweight to the point where it was starting to effect our health. We thought 'OK, we've got to do something about it."

Photo: Rex

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