Fake rain for Danny Boyle's Olympic ceremony?

Tuesday July 24, 2012

Despite Britain having suffered the wettest June on record, fake rain may have to be created for Danny Boyle's dramatic Opening Ceremony.

The first detailed weather forecast for Friday indicates that it could remain dry throughout the event.

However director Danny had prepared for this, previously disclosing that there will be clouds capable of generating artifical rain at the £27m extravaganza.

Following two months of showers, temperatures in the UK are finally on the up, now hovering around 27C. There is the possibility that it will be cooler on Friday, although the Met Office's spokesman Dan Williams said "The showers should be few and far between".

Cyclist Sir Chris Hoy was recently confirmed as the opening ceremony's flagbearer, whilst Sir Paul McCartney is to perform at the end of the event.

Sir Paul said of Danny: "He's got an idea of what he wants us to do and to tell you the truth I'm pretty much listening to him.

"I mean I could say 'this could be better or that could be better', but he knows what he's got, he knows how the rest of the show goes and he's stuck me on at the end - I can tell you that much."

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  • Fake rain for Danny Boyle's Olympic ceremony?

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