Chris O'Dowd on his 'dyslexic dancing feet'

Tuesday July 24, 2012

Irish actor Chris O'Dowd has joked about having "dyslexic feet".

For his new film Cuban Fury, Chris had to take dancing lessons to play Nick Frost's love rival.

The Bridesmaids star said "I did fit in some training, which was a lot of fun but really tough. I was under the illusion that I would have an aptitude for it, some kind of natural skill for it, and I have been proven wrong,

"Learning the routines was hard. It's been tough, but it's been educational. I have a new-found respect for dancers." 

Chris, whose is engaged to TV presenter Dawn Porter, is encouraging people to 'escape the Olympics madness' by heading across to the Emerald Isle, and plans to watch the sporting events from there, where he is filming the second series of his Sky1 show, Moone Boy.

"I love the Olympics but I hate the congestion," he admitted.

"I live in south London and love this vibrant place most of the time. But this summer, it's going to boil over and spill a bit. Ireland is only a short hop across the water and within two hours, you could be surrounding yourself with beautiful scenery, good food and great craic with the friendliest locals in the world."

He added: "I think I'm doing a favour for two people. Nothing would be more helpful for the Olympics than for half of the people to leave."

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