'Peaches is not a stripper' - Eli Roth defends his girl

Tuesday August 24, 2010

When a chat show host suggested that his girlfriend Peaches Geldof might be a stripper, chivalrous Hollywood director Eli Roth stepped in to set the record straight.

During an interview on US TV comedienne Chelsea Handler joked that she made the assumption about the 21–year-old Brit based on her exotic name.

"I didn't know who Peaches was, I know she is famous but I didn't know who she was," she said.

"So when you said Peaches, I thought she was a stripper.

Eli, 38, took the quip in good humour, pointing out that Sir Bob's daughter has an altogether different profession.

"She's actually produced three documentaries that have aired on British television, she's an accomplished journalist".

The loved-up duo have become a regular fixture on the social circuit on both sides of the Atlantic of late.

They recently wowed with an ultra-sophisticated appearance at a fashion party in Milan and also joined Michelle Obama at a basketball match.

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  • 'Peaches is not a stripper' - Eli Roth defends his girl

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