Rupert Grint's career continues to flourish post 'Harry Potter'

Wednesday August 24, 2011

Rupert Grint has revealed he found it "refreshing" to take on a different role after finishing work on the Harry Potter films.

The actor stars as an air-gunner in the gritty World War 2 film Comrade - worlds apart from the wizard franchise and his character, Ron Weasley.

"We finished it a few months ago, in Norway and Sweden. It was fun.

"It was kind of extreme to be filming in this minus 25 degree climate and there was snow up to your knees," he told Absolute Radio's Tania Snuggs.

"It was something very different and just quite refreshing just to play a different character."

Rupert said of his alter-ego in the film: "He's a Scouse air-gunner, and basically the story, it's a true story, a Nazi plane and a British plane shot each other down on this mountain in the middle of Norway, and coincidentally the Nazis and the British find this hunter's cabin.

"The film's basically about us living with the Nazis for five days and that kind of relationship, we kind of form this friendship, so yeah, it was interesting."

The red-haired actor - who turns 23 this week - jokingly added: "My look is quite different as well, I've got curly hair and freckles."

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  • Rupert Grint's career continues to flourish post 'Harry Potter'

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