Hero Nick Knowles rescues mother and baby from car

Thursday September 24, 2009

Real Rescues host Nick Knowles found himself in a real life emergency this week when he spotted an overturned car with a mother and baby trapped inside. 

Aided by a passing motorist named Simon, the TV presenter pulled 29-year-old Claire Williams and her eight-week-old daughter Alexandra to safety after seeing the upside down Mondeo in a field as he drove to work. 

"I went in through the back and passed the baby out to Simon, who was knelt by the car," Nick recalled. "I went back in the side door, the woman was upside down and I managed to get her out."

A passing nurse also stopped to offer assistance before medical help got there. 

"The paramedic arrived and carried the mum off on a back board," said Nick. "I was able to phone her husband and explain what was happening."

Shrugging off claims he is a hero, the dad-of-three said: "I just did what everyone else would do."

"I would hope anyone else would have done the same to help my loved ones."

Photo: © Alpha

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  • Hero Nick Knowles rescues mother and baby from car

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