Jedward say no to girls… but would like a Chihuahua

Tuesday November 24, 2009

They're greeted by crowds of screaming girls wherever they go, but finding that special someone is not on the agenda for X Factor twins John and Edward.

"The thing is, if you have a girlfriend you are always going to be missing somebody while you're away," John tells the Daily Mirror.

"We are only 18 so we are too young to commit to a relationship."

With the offers of TV work, appearance requests and interview opportunities rolling in, experts predict the Irish siblings – who were booted off X Factor at the weekend – will make millions.

The pair have even reportedly been offered the chance to take Katie Price's place on I'm a Celebrity… for a £100,000 fee.

But don't expect them to splash out with the extra money that's coming in.
"I don't have a licence so there's no way I'd get a Ferrari," said Edward. I guess if we could have something ourselves I'd like to get a new dog – a Chihuahua would be cool."

Photo: © Rex

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  • Jedward say no to girls… but would like a Chihuahua

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