Amanda Holden re-shooting baby bump scenes

Friday March 25, 2011

Only two months after the tragic loss of her unborn baby with husband Chris Hughes, it's understandable that Amanda Holden would be reluctant to see any reminders of her pregnancy.

So the blonde star has asked Britain's Got Talent producers if she can re-shoot scenes where her baby bump is visible.

"What Amanda has been through was horrendous and to have to watch herself on TV looking pregnant would be very difficult to cope with," a source told The Mirror.

"The production team thought the best way was to re-shoot some scenes and then slide them into the original footage."

Footage which cannot be replaced will apparently be carefully edited to hide evidence of the pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Amanda seems to be bouncing back to her usual effervescent self.

"To be honest, just being at home with family and friends is the best tonic, the best therapy. I'm doing lots of that," she told the Daily Mail.

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