Stefan Dennis wasn’t up for 'Neighbours' role

Thursday April 25, 2013

Neighbours star Stefan Dennis wasn't interested in the soap when he first auditioned - because he was set on being in a film instead.

The 54-year-old actor has played soap villain Paul Robinson since it began in 1985, with a 12-year hiatus in 1992, but revealed he didn't think much of it when he was first offered the role.

Stefan explained: "I didn't want to do Neighbours.

"I went for an audition for a film, and in between all that for this little new soap called Neighbours.

"I literally trucked up on my push bike, shorts, T-shirt, Walkman, and because I didn't care, I was probably that relaxed that I did a good read.”

Stefan also admitted he fought for years against being typecast as a bad guy, and that prompted him to leave Neighbours and come to work in the UK in the 90s.

He said: "In hindsight I'm enormously pleased with the way the whole thing's panned out, because here I am today and I could be digging ditches.

"I love playing him bad. Soppy-ness is boring."

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  • Stefan Dennis wasn’t up for 'Neighbours' role

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