Recipe: Yianni's tasty Greek salad

Wednesday May 25, 2011

The food here is exquisite, living up to all the high hopes one has when you think about Grecian food – beautiful grilled fish, fresh salads, creamy tzaziki, stunning salty olives, fried aubergines and courgettes and feta, plenty of creamy, tangy feta.

The Greek salad is a glorious invention – a meal my sister and I often share when we visit each other’s houses, but a dish that tastes best in its country of origin.

My great friend Yianni, who runs the infamous burger joint The Meat Wagon and is now turning out cracking food down at The Rye in Peckham, hails from Greece.

He taught me his version of the classic salad, commonly known as ‘horiatiki’ or ‘peasant salad’, while cooking together the other day.

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  • Recipe: Yianni's tasty Greek salad

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