Jedward: 'Obama might ask us to be vice-president'

Wednesday May 25, 2011

Singing duo Jedward were given the honour of performing for President Obama during his visit to Ireland this week (pictured).

The former X-Factor contestants - who took Ireland to eigth place in this year's Eurovision Song Contest - proved their sense of humour before the VIP performance.

They told the BBC: "It's an honour to perform for the most famous man in the world, after Simon Cowell that is."

However they could not conceal their excitement over seeing the US leader, tweeting after the show: "We performed for President Barrack Obama he said thank you to us it was a lot of fun."

The 19-year-olds added: " It was so cool that @BarackObama liked our Hair! Our hair has been approved by the Biggest person ever."

And it seems their brush with political royalty has left the twins confident of their leadership abilities.

Edward said: " Me and John have so much power in Ireland, it's actually crazy the legion of fans we have. If we went for election we'd totally get in."

John jokingly added: " I think Obama's going to ask us to be vice-president of America."

Photo: © Rex

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