Daryl Hannah cautioned after mining protest arrest

Thursday June 25, 2009

Actress and environmentalist Daryl Hannah was cautioned by police after taking part in a protest against mountain top mining in south west Virginia.

The Kill Bill star was among 31 people who were arrested after blocking the road to a coal processing plant. They were released after being cautioned for obstructing an officer and impeding traffic.

"There is no need to destroy our planet to power our future. I have been using renewable energy for about 20 years, so I know it works," the actress told protestors. 

The group were objecting to a controversial mining technique which involves blasting the summit of a mountain with explosives to expose underlying coal seams.

Daryl - who regularly posts environmental tips and news on her website DHLoveLife - was previously arrested in 2006 for chaining herself to a walnut tree during a protest in LA. She was objecting to authorities trying to demolish a community farm to make way for a warehouse.

Photo: © PA

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  • Daryl Hannah cautioned after mining protest arrest

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