Call her Tweedy – Simon uses Cheryl's maiden name

Friday June 25, 2010

There were huge cheers at the latest X Factor auditions when Simon Cowell  introduced his co-judge Cheryl – cheekily using her maiden name Tweedy.

Speaking to the crowd on the second day of auditions, Simon said: "Who would like to hear from Cheryl... Tweedy. It is, now, isn't it?"

Since her split from footballer Ashley Cole in February, Cheryl has continued using her married name.

But she has apparently asked friends and business associates to call her Cheryl Tweedy.

And she is making enquiries about getting the Mrs Cole tattoo removed from the back of her neck.
There have also been claims she will re-release her number one album 3 Words under her maiden name.

However, a close source to Cheryl denied that this week's X Factor introduction means she is definitely changing her name back.

"No decision has been made yet. Simon was just joking about," said the source.

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  • Call her Tweedy – Simon uses Cheryl's maiden name

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