Robbie Williams makes plans for future fatherhood

Monday July 25, 2011

Robbie Williams has revealed he and wife Ayda Field are trying for a baby.

The 37-year-old singer - currently on tour with Take That - wrote on his blog that he can't wait to become a father so he can have a child to teach football.

Robbie said: "The next time we go on tour there will be a little Williams in the dressing room."

He added: "Baby girl or baby boy? I'm truly not bothered as long as we have a healthy baby.

"I can play footie with a boy, but a girl would defo be a daddy's girl. So we would be blessed with either.

"Thinking about it... I can play footie with a girl, too. We live in America and the girls are really frickin good out there.

"A couple of nights on my pitch at home we play co-ed (girls and boys). Some of the girls play for National teams.

"One of the girls batters me with her strength - if it's a 50/50 ball, I'll let her have it."

Robbie, who married US actress Ayda last August, revealed they are considering the name Sonny or Sunny for their first child, but added: "It's not set."

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  • Robbie Williams makes plans for future fatherhood

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