Bradley Wiggins' new profile could solve father's death

Wednesday July 25, 2012

The aunt of Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins has said she hopes her nephew's success will provide answers about her brother's mysterious death.

Glenda Hughes' brother Gary, Bradley's father, died on Australia Day in 2008 after suffering a severe head injury during an alleged assault.

Investigators never proved how the fatal blow was inflicted.

Now, Glenda hopes that Bradley's increased profile could lead to a development in the case. 

"I want the police to reopen the case. I can't afford to pay a lawyer to do this for me – I'm not a world champion, I'm just a mum," she said.

In the autobiography In Pursuit of Glory,  Bradley credited his late father with his success.

"His achievements as a cyclist and almost 'legendary' hard-man status on the circuit undoubtedly helped propel me towards a competitive career in the sport," he said.

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  • Bradley Wiggins' new profile could solve father's death

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